About Prodesign

Prodesign is a firm of green building consultant engineers which provides consultancy and advisory services to clients, architects and engineers on the development of sustainable, green and zero carbon projects in the UAE and Middle East.
We take a holistic approach to green building design, working with the team from the outset to ensure the close co-ordination of the various elements required to create green buildings.

Developers in the UAE are increasingly looking for building certification rating systems such as LEED and BREEAM, as they provide definite, third-party validation of the greenness of a building. We have experience in laying down the concepts and action plan for achieving a targeted rating. We can also project manage, design and administer such schemes’ documentation requirements.

For existing buildings, we can carry out energy audits to assess energy efficiency and propose appropriate solutions. It is very useful for the owners of existing buildings to have such audits in order to identify ways of improving energy performance with a significant impact in the reduction of carbon emissions – and running costs.
We are also specialist in Building Information Modelling, deploying this sophisticated tool in sustainable building design. We can act as a BIM consultant or contractor on behalf of clients or contractor and help in unleashing all the benefits and costs savings potential it brings to projects.

We have worked on more than 500 projects in Mauritius and delivered over a thousand outselling and design support jobs worldwide with 15 major clients from Europe and Middle East.

SGS with UKASLEEDUnited States Green Building Council (USGBC)