ASHRAE 90.1 Building Simulation for LEED and ESTIDAMA

We perform ASHRAE 90.1 complex energy analyses for both new and existing buildings seeking LEED or ESTIDAMA certification.

Energy modelling is an essential aspect of green building design and sustainable development. It is a pre-requisite on projects seeking to obtain LEED, ESTIDAMA and other such green certification schemes. 

We can assist the project team to secure pre-requisites and credits for LEED and ESTIDAMA. We use ASHRAE 90.1 to secure the EAp2 pre-requisite and EAc1 credit for LEED, and RE-R1 pre-requisite and RE1 credit for ESTIDAMA. The optimised design tool used gives you the possibility to secure maximum points from the respective energy credits of LEED and ESTIDAMA.

We have been working on several major international projects which required LEED and ESTIDAMA certification. We use the best industry approved software to perform the modelling and simulations and we have a team of engineers who are qualified and trained in these green building certification schemes.