Cyber Tower 2

Cyber Tower 2The Cyber Tower 2 is the sister building of the Cyber Tower 1. Built with a different mindset it is located within 100m proximity from BPML Cyber Tower. Of grade A Standard, the building is a business edifice offering practical space optimization. The building consists of 10 office floors. The project comprised of the construction of a 13000 sqm intelligent building for housing high end.

IT activities and call centres in the Cybercity. We won the design competition with Francis Wong Associates and the building is among the most energy efficient one on the island with the air conditioning load 30% less than a conventional building. The project has started in May 2003 and was completed in October 2006. We provided full design and supervision services. Mr Vinobah Dhondee and Mr Vikramsing Bhujun were in charge of this project.